Crystal Magazine Jun 30, 2022

Value fashion brand Twenty4 launches chic and trendy Summer Collection

Twenty4, a leading value fashion brand in the GCC region and a BMA International subsidiary, has launched its seasonal Summer 2022 collection. A perfect blend of high-fashion aesthetics and summery hues, the new collection is bound to delight and mesmerize shoppers in the KSA and the wider GCC.

Twenty4’s Summer Collection is an ensemble of apparel that are high on comfort and functionality yet capable of resonating with modern-day fashion enthusiasts. Shoppers have an opportunity to experience feel-good fashion that perfectly captures the spirit of summer through an exquisite palette of colours, crafty cuts, and fit-for-the-season designs.
In the Summer 2022 Collection, floral maxi-length gowns and captivating midis come in summertime shades of lilac, bright yellows, soothing pinks, and more. Styles range from off-shoulder long dresses and high-fashion two-piece dresses to the more toned-down shirts. Shoppers can also choose from gorgeous satin blouses with frills and head-turning jumpsuits in soothing colours.

“The Summer 2022 Collection is sure to enthral women, men, and children alike. It’s an extension of our steep growth trajectory in the Middle East,” said Mushtaq Jaffar, KSA Brand Head of Twenty4. “Following a couple of summers marked by pandemic-related disruptions, Twenty4 shoppers are in for an exciting season of holidays, fun activities, and travel with the new collection.”

Also, there is top-of-the-line denim for thrill-seekers gearing up for an ideal weekend trip. The new range adds to Twenty4’s denimwear, which is popular among shoppers due to its rugged characteristics, defiant appeal, and enticing colour options. Kids can expect a broad range of colourful, bright, and fashionable summer clothing, courtesy of Twenty4’s family-oriented approach to new offerings and collections. The common feature of all apparel, regardless of gender and age, is the “value” that is synonymous with the homegrown brand.

“At Twenty4, before designing a collection, we remind ourselves of what we stand for. Our shoppers expect top-notch ‘value’ from us — which perceivably constitutes good quality, affordability, durability, true to form, and effortlessly fashionable apparel. Summer 2022 Collection epitomizes these values,” added Mushtaq Jaffar.

Consistent with Jaffar’s beliefs are Twenty4’s value propositions such as “glocal” offerings — the balance of global high-street fashion and Middle Eastern sensibilities. Following its recent expansion spree, Twenty4 now boasts over 40 outlets in the GCC region and 34 in the KSA alone — all located strategically to increase brand accessibility for customers. This customer-centric approach also saw the brand launch WhatsApp shopping in Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE.

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