Crystal Magazine Aug 14, 2022

Value fashion Value fashion brand Twenty4 launches ‘Recycle’, an eco-conscious and super-trendy loungewear collection

Twenty4, a leading value fashion brand in the GCC region and a BMA International subsidiary, has launched its swanky and highly fashionable comfort wear collection. Aptly named ‘Recycle’, the collection is masterfully crafted using recycled cotton from repurposed production scraps and retired textiles.

Over the years, the homegrown value fashion brand has crafted a niche for itself, by offering apparel that resonates with its customers. The brand stands at the intersection of value and fashion, offering products with a riveting mix of style, sustainability, and superior quality. Its reputation for unmatched value is set to go higher with ‘Recycle’.

The eco-conscious collection uses recycled cotton, which results in subtle variations in textures and colours, rendering each piece of garment its unique characteristics. This allows every buyer to enjoy a singular and exclusive item found nowhere else. The entire collection embodies the spirit of mother earth and showcases it through earthy and pastel hues of soothing greys, earthy beiges, mellow pinks, soft blues, and sage greens. The collection offers shorts, drop-shoulder crew-neck t-shirts, short-sleeve hoodies, and elasticated joggers for comfortable daily use.
Using recycled cotton saves 20,000 litres of water, which would otherwise be needed to produce a kilogram of cotton. Consequently, it reduces the amount of energy used as well. The collection, expected to particularly resonate with sustainability-driven consumers, will remain available all year round. Twenty4 has procured recycled cotton from repurposed production scraps and retired textiles, making the collection all the more meaningful. The design and cut of the loungewear allow a full range of motion.

“Fashion with a purpose just has a different feel to it. When our customers purchase apparel from the Recycle collection, they are not only fulfilling their comfort and fashion needs but also making an eco-conscious choice. It is such choices that shape the world of tomorrow — the world that our future generations will inherit from us. The latest Recycle collection speaks about our commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency. It is our way of showing that environment-friendly choices aren’t just better for the planet, but they can also feel and look great,” said Mushtaq Jaffar, KSA Brand Head of Twenty4.

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