Crystal Magazine Aug 30, 2022

This Maldives wellness resort offers a fully customisable approach to beauty and skin-health

JOALI BEING is giving luxury wellness a whole new definition with entirely customisable holistic skincare treatment plans that are specifically tailored to every individual's needs. The one-of-a-kind wellness retreat offers immersion programmes that range from five nights to three weeks, with each timeline strategically providing a holistic healing journey that will continue to work its magic long after visitors leave the island.

Carrying the principle that the skin is a reflection of inner health, JOALI BEING's skin immersion experience combines nutritional guidance through personalised culinary sessions, with crafted body and face treatments to bring forth a sense of confidence and radiance that glows from our most natural and balanced state.
Seamlessly weaving ancient knowledge with modern science, JOALI BEING's rejuvenating skin therapies are equally drawn from timeless rituals and the world's most advanced research.

The nature-centric Maldives resort uses state of the art skin-scanning technology that offers seven different forms of analysis, where guests are provided with the most thorough, accurate, and personalized assessment of their skin conditions, followed by a variety of curated treatments.

Guests can expect a diverse array of skin treatments and offerings, including JOALI BEING's signature "The Medi-Luxe"; a comprehensive three-level peel treatment combining age-reversing stem cell technology and plumping hyaluronic acid with lifting massages and LED red light therapy.

Other offerings include the finest of body wraps, hammam rituals, dry-brushing and massages, aromatherapy, reflexology techniques, and cryotherapy, in addition to complimentary movement and meditation group classes, herbology or culinary workshops, and beyond.

Furthermore, JOALI BEING's AKTAR herbology centre sheds light on the magnificent healing power of plants and herbs, offering guests the opportunity to partake in interactive workshops with the resort's on-site herbal medicine specialist. Visitors get to learn all about the benefits of tea infusions, herbs, spices and essential oils, and even make their own natural skin remedies; from balms and masks, to massage oils and body creams. Addressing skin health from the inside out, AKTAR also offers crafted tea infusions such as the fortifying blend of Mallow, Thyme, Rose and Echinacea.

Restoring, rejuvenating, rehydrating and revitalizing, the results will speak for themselves. JOALI BEING's sophisticated and unique approach to skin-health is truly one for the books.

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