Crystal Magazine Sep 23, 2021

The Saudi designer Hala Alaitah’s fashion show grabs all the attention in Jeddah with "Fashtology" technology

The Saudi fashion designer Hala Alaitah launched her new collection of evening and wedding dresses in a charming fashion show using the modern “Fashtology” technology for the first time in Jeddah. The show was held on Tuesday September 21st, alongside the events of the Saudi 91st National day, in the largest space in the Galleria Hotel by Elaf.

The set was wonderfully arranged to suit the spirit of the event with the luxury of black and white, complete with the lighting technology “Fashtology” provided by the “Virtuwall” company specializing in lighting and events which was used for the first time in the Kingdom, with the addition of high-end touches of natural roses coordinated by “Wardaty” for events. Visitors were received by a mobile "cafe bar" from Amal Saab International Company, also available for the first time in the Kingdom, which oversaw the provision of hospitality and luxury chocolates coming from Paris specifically for this day. The event was attended by a group of media professionals, dignitaries, and social media influencers.

With the start of the show, fashion designer Hala Alaitah showed off her latest and most beautiful creations, with each piece designed to be worn in different ways. This was followed by several of her most luxurious evening dresses that combined earthy colours, luxurious embroidery in gold and silver and pearl inlays. Using different types of fabrics, she combined simple, modern looks with elegance and luxury.

Hala Alaitah also caught the attention of the attendees by presenting a collection of children's fashion and dresses, which came in line with the looks of the models' dresses. The show was concluded by the charming aesthetic of a bride, in which the designer relied on "Fibre Optic" technology for the self-lighting of the dress. The dress was presented by the famous fashion blogger Shorouk Ayman, who also wore a luxurious set of green, emerald stones offered by "Mouawad" jewellery, shown for the first time in the Middle East.

At the end of the show, the Saudi designer Hala Alaitah thanked the sponsors and supporters of the fashion show, which are: Hotel Galleria by Elaf, Amal Saab International Brand for Hospitality and Chocolate, Mouawad Jewellery, AlTawkilat Universal Motors (Maserati KSA, Infiniti Saudi, Hongqi KSA) which is the official carrier of this event, and the Beauty Centre " Lesalon ". The show concluded with a warm congratulation to the nation on its 91st national day to the tunes of the Saudi national anthem.

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