Crystal Magazine Oct 06, 2021

Quara Finance signs strategic agreements with three leading medical centers in Saudi Arabia

Quara Finance, a leading Saudi company providing Sharia-compliant financial services, has recently partnered with three medical centers to offer financial support for a broad range of highly specialized medical services in Saudi Arabia. 

The partnership aims to improve access to healthcare services by providing medical loans for customers at three reputable medical centers; Elyzee Medical Center, Banan Specialized Medical Center, and Dr. Eman Al Abra Clinics. The financial assistance loans cover all cosmetic and medical procedures, dental care, nutritional support, laboratory, and diagnostic care. 

Saudis and expat residents are eligible for the medical loan with flexible Sharia-compliant, flexible instalment payment plans with a facilitated approvals process to customers. 

Ehab Hassoubah, CEO, Quara Finance, said: " Quara Finance is exceptionally proud to facilitate the development and the wellbeing of a wide range of population in the Kingdom, by extending Quara Finance flexible and convenient access to credit for customers seeking Medical services”. 

The strategic partnerships, therefore, support Saudi Arabia’s ambitions to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3(UN SDG), which seeks to ensure a healthy community and well-being for all in society at any stage of their life. The SDG 3 is a particularly relevant goal to achieve given how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted perceptions about our wellbeing and access to healthcare and highlighted the importance of looking after our health on a personal as well as on a societal level. 

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