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Who We are ?

‏CRYSTAL TRAVEL Magazine ‏- A monthly magazine specialized in the field of tourism and travel interested in Arab and international tourism where the importance of tourism journalism as a link between tourists and workers in the tourism industry as well as tour operators who are in their interest to promote certain tourist destinations. ‏- CRYSTAL TRAVEL Magazine includes all local and international tourism news and unique coverage of all conferences and concerts related to the field of tourism and community parties. ‏- CRYSTAL TRAVEL Magazine addresses and targets the elite of the international community, major companies and tourism companies, aviation, travel. As well as Arab tourist in particular and foreign tourist in general where it provides him with all his tourist requirements and needs where the magazine sheds light on the tourist destinations and travel preferences for tourists in word and image with the provision of all the information needed by the tourist and traveler to these purposes, whether hotels, restaurants, shopping markets, transportation, currency and others. ‏- CRYSTAL TRAVEL Magazine is concerned with all types of medical tourism, beach tourism, cultural incentives, conferences, safari, Adventure and others. ‏-CRYSTAL TRAVEL Magazine includes a calendar of activities and concerts in cooperation with various cultural centers. ‏- CRYSTAL TRAVEL Magazine is also interested in various airlines of interest to travelers, especially various aviation offers.