Crystal Magazine Mar 14, 2022

An innovative 360-degree health program at Clinique Nescens

Recognized as a center of excellence in preventive medicine, today, Clinique launches Cure Reset. This avant-garde medical detox program is designed to help you readjust your lifestyle, to enjoy a healthier and improved quality of life.

The Cure Reset program
Based on the most advanced research in health optimization, Cure Reset is an exclusive program combining outstanding medical know-how, cutting-edge technological therapies, personalized sports follow-up and nutrition guidance.

Cure Reset is for health-conscious adults seeking to enhance their personal well-being or to reach specific physical condition objectives.
Whether the goal is to detox, control or lose weight, improve physical condition and intellectual capacity or to revitalize - this treatment has the purpose of rebooting personal lifestyle, for lasting change.

Program content
Designed by medical specialists, Cure Reset begins with an overall health assessment and genetic screening. Diverse therapies are then prescribed to attain the pre-defined goals, set at the beginning of the treatment.

A high-tech monitoring system is also proposed to analyze and measure parameters such as sleep quality and stress, and concentration levels. With real-time data access, the doctor can quickly adapt therapies according to the needs of each patient.

Clinique Nescens – important facts
Clinique Nescens is a center of excellence with more than 10 years’ experience in the field of preventive medicine. The clinic offers personalized medical therapies and check-ups as well as aesthetic and regenerative medicine treatments. It is proud to provide the highest level of medical expertise acquired through close collaboration with the preventive medicine and anti-aging center at Clinique de Genolier, founded over 20 years ago.

Clinique Nescens also offers first-class hotel services through its partnership with Michel Reybier Hospitality, owner of La Réserve Hotels.

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