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Oman settled hearts

Oman _ Maha El Jamal

Oman was able to be the first Gulf tourism not only because it settled the heart of each of its footwear, but because God has brought blessings and mercies to it that you can touch with your hands if you walk on its streets or meditate on its vast desert and deal with its people.
In good Oman, generosity, morality, taste, goodness, manhood, literature and beauty
The Sultanate of Oman is one of the Gulf's most prestigious, stable and secure countries, featuring a range of most beautiful places and tourist activities. We'll get to know them in detail.

The Sultanate of Oman is a state located in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, with the administrative capital of Muscat, bordered on the western side of Saudi Arabia, on the northwestern side of the United Arab Emirates, and on the southwestern side of Yemen. It is a relatively large State; With an area of approximately 309 km2, this area has been divided administratively into four governorates and five administrative districts. The Sultanate's establishment dates back to 23 July 1970. The country has witnessed a turning point and a paradigm shift. It has subsequently become one of the most prosperous, secure and developed Arab countries. The Sultanate's commercial and maritime history, adherence to the fundamental principles of the free market economy, in addition to the low crime rate, distinguish the Sultanate from the picturesque nature that attracts visitors and tourists from home and abroad. The Sultanate of Oman has a population of about 4.5 million.

There are many special and beautiful tourist places in the Sultanate of Oman, one of the most prominent and beautiful:
Samahram City

The fortified archaeological city of Samherm, dating back to BC, It contains stone inscriptions, ancient archaeological manuscripts, and there is a Musandam peninsula beach that is the right destination for those who love swimming and various water activities such as diving, boating and fishing In addition to the Palm Fortress, one of the most beautiful tourist places in the country, It is one of the famous castles built on a rocky edge in stone mountains at about 200 m, and other places where the visitor will find fun and recreation.

The most beautiful tourism activities in the Sultanate of Oman

Who visits the Sultanate of Oman finds that there are many tourist programs and activities that can be enjoyed in many famous cities and places, and comes the most beautiful of those tourist activities hiking on
A promoter of history and civilization, a visit to the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in the region, and fans of interesting shows can see dolphin shows in their natural environment during the cruise

Jeans Head:

One of the most attractive tourism venues in Oman is the jeans head. It is a turtle reserve and helps to spread and protect sea turtles in the Indian Ocean.

Make sure you visit them so you can see turtle nests along the beach and watch the infant turtles spawn and make their way into the ocean. When visiting, it is preferable to spend a night at the resort to visit the Turtle Center and Museum.

Wadi Bani Khalid:

The valleys of the Sultanate of Oman are one of the most important components of natural tourism, situated between charming mountains, clear clean water and high palm trees. Among these valleys, the Sultanate of Oman is Wadi Bani Khalid, one of the most important in the Sultanate, because water flows continuously throughout the year, and it is mild in summer and winter, as opposed to any other drought in the summer. Characterized by a large pool of clear green water surrounded by palms and trees that make the place shade from sunshine, The Bani Khalid Valley is 255 km east of Muscat governorate. It is worth mentioning that the reason for Wadi Bani Khalid's designation of this name is stated in the book "Aidan Ambulance of the Descendants of the People of Oman" by Sheikh Salem bin Hamoud Al-Sayyabi, where Banu Khalid came down in this place and is in the eastern part of AmMan.

Sand and prestige:

The desert dunes extend for miles in central Oman and create with them incredible sand and prestige or eastern sand where the Bedouin live. Sand Wahiba is a popular travel destination for those looking for the authentic and traditional Sultanate of Oman.

Experience the Bedouin lifestyle in sand and prestige by joining one of the tours of exploring the area by riding on the appearance of beauty and camping in the desert under the stars.


Musandam Peninsula is a unique place in Oman, surrounded by the United Arab Emirates. While parts of this area are isolated, they have been used as a home for residents of mountain villages and coastal communities.

Musandam Shrines offers spectacular views. Enjoy boat trips and explore the coasts and peaks that rise from the water. Also, you can spot dolphins from a traditional Omani sailboat or boat. You need to explore the water world by taking a diving trip at sea.
Musandam's marine life is abundant, making this area one of the best places for tourism in Oman to visit by nature lovers.

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