Crystal Magazine Mar 28, 2024

Joali Pieng Resort Launches Exclusive Eid Al Fitr Exclusives

Jawali Beeng Resort revealed the launch of a group of exclusive offers to celebrate Eid Al Fitr, offering immersive hospitality and leisure experiences that are the first of its kind in the Maldives. The resort occupies a privileged location on the island of Budufushi in Raa Atoll, transporting guests to luxurious worlds of meditation and treatment with the presence of many villas that feature architectural designs in harmony with nature.

 The resort invites its guests to take advantage of the special Eid offer and enjoy healing experiences with loved ones that guarantee them renewed energy and vitality. The resort offers 20% discounts on room rates when staying for at least three nights from April 3 to April 17, 2024, as the island includes 68 luxurious spaces, each of which enjoys a private beach or a unique view of the sparkling ocean waters. All villas provide an ideal atmosphere for spending Eid days with family and friends, thanks to their comprehensive facilities that include private swimming pools and unique offers such as dedicated healthy drinks stations, meditative music activities, games and events that encourage health and wellness, in addition to stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The resort also offers all guests the opportunity to enjoy a personal host experience.

 The Eid offer also includes a free breakfast or dinner, where you can experience the best times in the island’s most prominent restaurants and enjoy nutritious recipes that pamper the senses. The resort's dining experience is based on an ambitious initiative that commits to the finest fresh plant ingredients, which are imported from sustainable sources and harvested locally with the aim of supporting small farmers. All food and drinks are selected with the help of the island's nutritionists. The island's most prominent destinations include Flow Restaurant, which offers an interactive space providing delicious fresh seafood and healthy vegetarian dishes, in addition to the Ocean Sala Dining Restaurant, which specializes in serving Wagyu veal dishes, Japanese oysters, lobster and tuna from Maldivian waters.

 During the Eid holiday, guests can experience the resort’s concepts, which are based on four basic pillars that are presented in the resort’s modern facilities, providing visitors with a healthy path that ensures physical and mental fitness. While other activities include enjoying the local marine center and participating in water activities.

 Guests who booked their places directly through will receive one free breakfast served on the outdoor terrace inside their accommodation in one of the villas, in addition to a US$100 credit card for food and beverages. The place guarantees the enjoyment of experiences that elevate the atmosphere of Ramadan and Eid, and enhance guests’ energy and a sense of tranquility and harmony.

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