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Raffles Al Areen Palace Resort Bahrain invites guests to a world of unparalleled romance and privacy

Raffles Al Areen Palace Resort Bahrain, which is distinguished by its location amid the gardens of the Million Palm Island, has unveiled a package of exclusive and romantic hospitality experiences that embody luxury and beauty and are designed according to the personal taste of each guest with luxurious touches that add a special character to your events and create unforgettable memories. The new resort includes 78 villas with a private pool in each villa to ensure complete privacy and comfort for guests

 Raffles Al Areen Palace Bahrain combines exceptional privacy and beauty embodied in the gardens or the sophisticated design of the villas. The resort is ideal for couples and lovers looking for a romantic getaway, whether for a weekend getaway or a long relaxing stay.
 The resort is distinguished by providing exceptional experiences with the highest levels of comfort and privacy, allowing guests to enjoy a pampering experience, with attention to the smallest details to ensure an unparalleled stay. Guests can also relax in a private villa that offers distinctive spa experiences and enjoy the personal butler service that characterizes the Raffles brand, giving them the opportunity to celebrate, spend the best times, experience the most wonderful personalized dining experiences, and much more.

 The resort provides couples with private treatment sessions at the Spa Villa, which takes the place of the Raffles Spa scheduled to open soon, providing a secluded health haven surrounded by lush trees and water, with a private pool, jacuzzi, and a quiet corner for practicing yoga and meditation in the open air, allowing guests to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And communicate with each other.

 The resort offers luxurious dining experiences in a poetic atmosphere, through delicious French dishes in cooperation with the distinguished pastry and pastry chef, Yazid Ishmarahin, in addition to an afternoon tea experience with the most delicious French desserts in the midst of green spaces filled with elegant marble. Palma Restaurant also serves delicious traditional Mediterranean cuisine throughout the day on a spacious outdoor terrace in the garden filled with lush plants. The restaurant offers couples a la carte dining service in the villas, providing an unparalleled personalized experience. The resort provides customized experiences in line with special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, etc., to give guests a unique experience tailored to suit different tastes and preferences.

 The resort is distinguished by its diverse hospitality and accommodation experiences that allow couples to enjoy romantic times in private villas, especially with the personal assistant who helps organize floating breakfast experiences in the private pool, arrange distinctive decorations and private barbecue parties in the villa, taste organic garden products and coordinate rich excursions. . Couples can also enjoy a range of activities that give them the best times in nature and local traditions, in addition to strengthening ties with nature, including date harvesting, gardening, and herbal care workshops, as well as tree planting, basket weaving, and cooking from garden products.

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