Crystal Magazine Feb 19, 2023

Gandour celebrates its partners and reviews its most prominent achievements in the past year

Gandour, one of the most important food processing companies in the Middle East, held its annual party to celebrate its partners in the success achieved during the year 2022. The ceremony was attended by a group of merchants and distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, Mr. Ali Gandour, CEO of Gandour, explained that this celebration comes out of Gandour keenness to meet with partners from dealers and distributors who had a prominent role in all the successes achieved during the past year, and he said: "We are always pleased to meet with our partners to renew the loyalty that we have built over the long years of working with them side by side until we reach all the fans of Gandour products in the Middle East.”

He added: “The regeneration of our loyalty to the partners comes from the basis of the values and the long-standing legacy of the Gandour, whose foundation exceeded 166 years, during which we reached the hearts and minds of our fans from all over the Middle East. And progress to meet all the needs of our product lovers".

He concluded by saying: “Since its inception, Gandour has worked to preserve its family values, which over the decades have remained the essence of its work and policy. To develop our ways of creativity and innovation to make the world a better place.”

It is worth noting that this annual event held by Gandour comes as part of a systematic loyalty program that reflects Gandour keenness to meet with its partners continuously to renew the loyalty and great trust that gathered them over the past decades and reward them for achieving the goals of 2022.

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