Crystal Magazine Jul 31, 2023

Batman, Barbie, & more: REDTAG beats the back-to-school blues with eye-catching character-wear and accessories

: REDTAG, the Middle East’s leading value-fashion and homeware brand, has launched its annual, much-anticipated Back to School Collection. Under the theme “Let’s Play”, REDTAG has infused a sense of optimism to school return in the new academic year by launching purpose-designed apparel, character-wear, and accessories. 

In an ambitious endeavour, REDTAG has significantly expanded its stable of comic and superhero characters to grace the new collection. The Back to School ensemble includes impressions of popular characters like Barbie, Batman, and Spider-Man, as well as relatively less-mainstream ones from CoComelon, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc. Wide-ranging character-wear is part of REDTAG’s continued emphasis on inclusive collections aimed at pleasing children who are particularly selective in their choice of heroes. 

“Character-wear gives children a unique sense of identity. When kids sport apparel with a superhero’s emblem or visage, they are subconsciously channelling the qualities they ascribe to that character. Superhero qualities such as grit, chasing a higher purpose, and creative thinking are of great consequence and relevance in view of the commencement of the new academic year. That consideration formed the basis of the Back to School Collection,” expressed Shehbaz Shaikh, Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG.

Apparel for girls includes co-ord sets in stand-out lilac and elegant sea green, with prints and slogans of Hello Kitty, Sofia the First, and Barbie, among other beloved characters. Boys who gravitate toward action figures have a host of Marvel and DC characters to represent through comfort tees and overshirts. REDTAG brings “quiet fashion” for senior girls and boys, marked by apparel with a voguish undercurrent and an unassuming outward form. 

REDTAG’s core competency in “value fashion” is exemplified by high-quality sneakers, which are purpose-designed for schools and in standard colours like solid black and creams while placing great emphasis on functionality and durability. On the accessories front, character backpacks, especially trolleys, are the centre of attraction, with Daisy Duck and Micky Mouse, among other prints, in evocative hues like bubblegum pink delicately interspersed with florals. Crossbody bags and glitter backpacks, including in neutral graphics and prints of the acclaimed show Friends, for seniors attest to REDTAG’s thoughtful offerings.  

Backpack bundles with matching lunch boxes, pouches, lunch bags, and water bottles in prints of Batman, Barbie, etc. are inspired by REDTAG’s motto of placing convenience at the core of the shopping experience. Available in sets of three, four, and five, backpack bundles capture the essence of the “Let’s Play” campaign, as well as “New Lower Prices” aimed at making Back to School shopping an affordable experience for all. 

“Our market studies revealed a structural shift in Back-to-School shopping behaviours, influenced by widespread inflationary pressures. Parents seek the utmost value for a given price, making more informed — less impulsive — purchases. Taking cognizance of that shift and ensuring that the aesthetics resonate with children, we have launched an all-encompassing collection. It will certainly appeal to parents and children alike,” opined Shehbaz Shaikh. 

Multi-pronged approaches, coupled with customer-centricity, have defined REDTAG’s strategy in recent years. Hyper-convenience services such as ‘Anytime-Anywhere Exchange’, ‘Find Your Size’, ‘Fashion Stylists’, and ‘Free Home Delivery’ are a testament to that customer-first approach. With several such first-to-market services in the Middle East and its tiered loyalty program — RT Rewards — which boasts over 15 million members, REDTAG continues to cement its position as the leading value fashion and homeware brand in the region. 

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