Crystal Magazine Aug 17, 2023

Thai products have become increasingly popular among Saudis

It's clear that Thai products have gained popularity among Saudis due to their quality, diverse range, and reasonable prices. The resurgence of Saudi-Thai relations has further boosted the demand for these products. From canned food to clothing, household appliances, jewelry, cosmetics, and even agricultural products such as rice, rubber, fruits, and seafood, Thailand offers a wide variety of goods that cater to different consumer needs.

A large number of Saudis are associated with Thai products such as gold, rice, fruits, incense, and tuna. Thailand is considered an important destination for exporting these products to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rice, which is closely linked to the Saudi dining table, is among the prominent products. Tuna, being a beloved seafood, is also highly appreciated by Saudis.

Thai incense is associated with various social and cultural occasions in Saudi Arabia, in addition to the delicious-tasting fruits.

As for gold, some Saudis have been linked to purchasing jewelry and gold from Thailand due to its competitive prices and various designs.

Additionally, Thailand's industrial sector contributes to its product diversity, with the production of automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, textiles, apparel, and shoes. The personal care and beauty industry in Thailand is also well-regarded, with the production of cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and spa-related items that incorporate Thai herbal and natural ingredients.

Thai craftsmanship is evident in everyday-use products like household goods, consumer electronics, furniture, kitchenware, and home décor items, which showcase attention to detail and creativity. Handicrafts such as ceramics, pottery, textiles, and traditional arts and crafts highlight Thailand's rich cultural heritage.

Overall, the combination of quality, affordability, and cultural appeal makes Thai products attractive to Saudi consumers. The availability of Thai stores in Saudi Arabia further demonstrates the interest and demand for these products.

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