Crystal Magazine Sep 09, 2023

Saudi-Born Nakhati By Kerten Hospitality Makes Paris Debut

Born and nurtured in the vibrant heart of Saudi Arabia, Nakhati is all set to enamour the European palate with its grand debut at the prestigious Agora Expo in Paris. As a beacon of Saudi Arabia's rich heritage, Nakhati emerges from the heart of Kerten Hospitality, weaving a tale of authenticity, tradition, and women entrepreneurship in the gastronomy sector.

The Agora Expo, taking place from 7 to 10 September 2023, welcomes Nakhati to introduce French connoisseurs to a symphony of flavours deeply rooted in Saudi culinary traditions. Nakhati, led by the pioneering Saudi foodpreneur, Eman Fallatah, showcases the soul of Saudi Arabia through its indigenous and innovative gelato concoctions: the Saudi Date Gelato and the aromatic Dhiyafah Gelato. Each scoop promises a journey through the rich tapestry of Saudi, with handpicked local ingredients narrating the story of its land.

Blossoming under the Kerten Hospitality leadership, Nakhati embodies a vision that transcends the gastronomic experience. The brand stands as a testament to Kerten Hospitality's commitment to fostering local talent and encouraging the participation of women in the entrepreneurial arena.

This European debut mirrors not only Nakhati's strides in creating delectable experiences but also the vibrant culinary industry blossoming in Saudi Arabia. As it sets foot in Paris, Nakhati brings with it an array of sensations that embody the rich and diverse Saudi gastronomic landscape, blending time-honoured Italian gelato techniques with a modern twist, inspired by the flavours of Saudi Arabia.

Besides indulging the senses with its delightful gelato, Nakhati stands as a nexus for creativity and collaboration in the artistic community. It fosters a space of creativity, providing avenues for artisans to flourish and enthusiasts to delve deep into the artistry of gelato preparation.

Nakhati’s foray into Paris is more than a gastronomic expedition; it is a reflection of Saudi Arabia's thriving food scene, where tradition meets innovation highlighting the successful amalgamation of tradition and entrepreneurship nurtured on Saudi soil.

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