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Where is the largest chocolate museum in the world located?

On September 10, 2020, the famous Swiss chocolate maker Lindt opened the doors of the world's largest museum. In the world of chocolate in Zurich.

A full tour of the "Lindt Home of Chocolate" museum enables the visitor to learn about the secrets of Swiss chocolate, starting with cocoa cultivation, passing through its exciting history between Africa and Europe, and ending with its manufacture and packaging.

The longest chocolate fountain

The sections of the museum are the largest in the world, with an area of ​​65,000 feet, and it contains the longest chocolate fountain, which is nine meters long, and 1,500 liters of chocolate flow through it.
The museum also contains an exhibition that is the largest of countless varieties of impressive Lindt products, and also includes a place to eat coffee and taste various chocolate dishes, salads and toasts.

In order for a person to be able to tour the museum, he must first pay a ticket value of $ 15, and children under the age of seven can enter for free. During the tour, the visitor can taste and eat certain types of delicious Lindt chocolate. Entrance to the exhibition and the "cafe" does not require an admission ticket.

The museum contains wonderful technical interactive walls and tables, enabling visitors to listen to the most exciting stations in the chocolate industry. The visitor can also choose different languages ​​- which do not yet contain Arabic - including an interactive program for children in German, by taking a listening device.

From Ghana to Switzerland

Cocoa is the origin of chocolate and its most important ingredient.
Through screens and interactive walls, the visitor witnesses the path that cocoa passes, which is produced by Ghanaian farmers until it becomes chocolate manufactured in Switzerland.

The visitor's tour passes through Central America during which he discovers the secrets of chocolate that date back thousands of years, and finds out how Spanish explorers brought the exotic drink to the European royal court - and how it gradually conquered the world from there.

During this tour, the visitor inquires about how the famous chocolate industry moved to the small country of the Alps two hundred years ago, until Switzerland became one of the pioneers of the chocolate industry around the world without competition.

Wandering in this interactive atmosphere whets one's appetite for tasting. Therefore, the Lindt Museum provided liquid and hot chocolate tasting stations, before moving to the chocolate production station. Where the experience and passion of the "Lindt" company meet with the latest technology and powerful machines. The production process reveals the step-by-step processing of cocoa beans into cocoa powder, then into liquid chocolate and finally into
Perfect pralines.

In an interactive atmosphere resembling a space of stars, with dim lights and smart planets, the visitor goes through interactive activities to dive more into a world of exciting information about the ancient chocolate industry around the world.

Taste and take a picture

Before closing, the visitor can take souvenir photos in molds from the famous Lindt envelopes. With a smart display, built-in camera, and different background templates, photos can be taken individually or in groups and sent directly to private email on the spot.

And because visitors like to take pictures, which necessitates waiting, on the other side of the hall, the visitor can taste the various and rich chocolate balls coated with various luxurious flavors.

At the end of the tour in the Lindt Museum, the final stop of the tour shows the "test facility", where Lindt experts develop new recipes, refine production techniques and gain valuable practical experience. And there, the "House of Chocolate" shows behind-the-scenes parts of the real machines that produce chocolate directly in front of the visitor, with an interactive explanation appearing on the transparent glass walls, accompanied by a brief explanation and a quick glimpse of the mechanism of making and producing chocolate at the present time, step by step, starting from
The stage of "shelling", passing through filling and ventilation, then forming and packaging.

For those who wish to learn the chocolate industry and immerse themselves in its world, Lindt Maître offers chocolate courses under the supervision of one of their experts in a unique atmosphere. The course gives the abilities of creating special molds, and learns many interesting facts about the origin, history and production of unique Lindt chocolate.

Lindt Home of Chocolate seeks to make the museum and its departments an exciting tourist destination for 350,000 local and foreign chocolate lovers every year.

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